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18 times more chances to get pregnant than any other ART (Artificial Reproductive Technic)

it's 100% natural, safe like menstrual cup

How to use VCONCEIVE?

V Conceive Benefits

Due to low motile sperms, they cannot travel fast the long distance from vagina to uterus and they die before they can reach egg, V conceive acts like a fast bullet train and direct deposit the sperms to cervix hole which is only 3-5 mm away from uterus, this solves the problem of low motility and low sperm count
The V conceive cup protect your sperms from vaginal fluid which can sometime kill the sperms, In natural intercourse sperms are directly exposed to vaginal fluid but here they are 100% protected
In natural intercourse after ejaculation of sperms they may get splashed all over the vaginal wall, and lose the way to the cervix hole. In V conceive no back flow is possible and sperms are forced to go upward and direct to uterus where egg is waiting for fertilization

The cervix hole which is 1-2 mm in size is a gate between Vagina and uterus which gets open only on the day of ovulation. V conceive uses the success pressure created by uterus to suck up all sperms from the cup inside uterus and increase the chance of conception


Yes ( but differs if you have been pregnant once )

Yes, the product comes with a user manual, which gives you more clarity on usage.

It is the same size and is suitable for all women. It differs if you have been pregnant once. 

Lie flat with the face up and pillow under your back. The posture for the procedure is clearly explained with pictures in the manual.

Once the sperm is collected, you should be ready by wearing a V-conceive to start with insemination procedure.

The procedure of insemination will take less than 5 minutes

No, it will not cause cramps or pain. Keep yourself relaxed during the procedure.

No, it is made with 100% medical grade silicone, which is hypoallergenic.

Yes, it is leak proof

No, you can always pull it out with the help of its tail

White discharge will not interfere with the process of insemination unless you feel uncomfortable.  

No, it is available only in single color.

Yes, coconut oil is the best lubricant recommended by Doctors.

Yes, it can be used. Try to use your finger to feel where the cervix is during the insertion.

It is made out of 100% medical grade silicone, which offers greater comfort while inserting, wearing and removing.

No, there won’t be any bleeding since you’re sexually active.

 No, After use, discard it, as it is sterile packed.

No, you will have to purchase it locally / we can include in the package at an extra cost.

Yes, it can be used. We also advise to consult with doctors

No, it cannot be used.

Yes, you can be normal after the procedure.

Suggested use is on the day of ovulation.

It is made of soft silicone. So it is painless, easy and comfortable to wear.

Yes, it can be used by sexually active women

We have more than 113 success stories which is known to us. Due to stigma and privacy we do not hear some success story. If you wish to share your’s on our site we will provide you free counselling and one cycle of insemination for free! Please send an email to [email protected]

As per medical council of India(MCI), no clinical procedure can be guaranteed by doctor or device. However, we have seen couples succeeding in five-six cycles. If you wish to subscribe for six months plan then send us email at [email protected]

Success rate highly depends on women’s age. In one cycle the success chance is 20%, hence 5-6 try shall give you good chances of success, close to 60-70%.

This is obvious, don’t worry team Subhag is here to help you. We are happy to connect you to some of our user who can endorse it painless and easy to use like menstrual cup.(Send us WhatsApp in below number ). Even after buying if you cannot use it, we will refund the money back.



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